The Importance of Living in the Present Moment

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna says to Arjuna to offer themselves by acting without attachment, as an advanced yogi. With the activities of his own mind, the sanyasi releases and doesn't degrade. The stubborn mind can be overcome with practice and with constant posting. For him who has conquered, the mind is the best of friends, but for those who failed to do so, remains the worst enemy.


We happen to observe your mind?


When you observe your mind, the first thing you may notice is that you don't control. How many times have you read something, sometimes even trying to really concentrate on what you're reading, but then you started thinking about something completely different at the same time?


You can observe your mind, because you are not your mind, as you are not your body (this article is not titled "you are not your body. On this topic you can read the article science of manifestation).


To manifest what you want you must check your mind. You must focus, meditate and see often. You need to concentrate on the things you want to express. If you allow your mind to jump freely from one subject to another, like a monkey from a tree to another, it will take you a long time to achieve your goals.


A fundamental point in this regard is the importance of living in the present moment. Often we think of the past, and when we think about the past, we tend to think of the good old days. There are no good old days. We have simply forgotten the hard times and we think above all the good times, because this attitude allows us to escape from present reality and living in happy illusion.


The fact is that the past, happy or sad as it is, is dead. We cannot change it. Also has no value for the purposes of our demonstration. Of course, we hope to learn from our past mistakes, but only this, or dwelling on the past is just a waste of time.


If we don't think in the past we usually think about the future. Often we are afraid of the future, sometimes we look to the future with hope. But the future is made in the present. We need to start living in the present and focus on the present.


We must be happy now. If we are happy now, we build our happy future. And this is very important to control the way your mind and live in the present moment.


Meditatepic1.jpg                             Try to be happy now.


We can easily change change our mental States. We can listen to good music that we like, we can think of someone we love or we can watch something nice. Anything that helps us feel happy, and the most important one is that we can see things that we want in the future as already made. You can help others to achieve this level of peace through massage. Not only are you helping others, but a  massage therapist’s salary
can be very rewarding too.


A good way to get good humor is to make some simple yoga breathing exercises, which help very quickly to achieve peace and mind control.


Another good way is to practice gratitude for the things you have and things you'd like to have.


You can't feel unhappy when you feel grateful.


There are many methods, but to begin to demonstrate quick and easy things you want, you may want to find a good mentor or a course, and follow the instructions. Read and study books and articles on the event, the law of attraction and the self-improvement is always good, but the best thing is to take action and put into practice what we have learned.

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